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Keep a spare internet for emergencies

Internet in a box!

A small credit-card sized computer pre-loaded with all the knowledge on the internet: Wikipedia, Stack Exchange, OpenStreetMaps, Khan Academy, guides on medicine, gardening, brewing, anything you can think of. See a demo on TikTok.

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How much will it cost?

We’re currently looking into selling these as completely pre-configured units for around $200–250 USD, depending on costs and configuration. This would include:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 B computer with 2GB RAM and standard AC power adapter, preconfigured and ready to use as a wifi hotspot — just power on and go
  • Bootable micro-SD card pre-loaded with massive Internet in a Box collection

Other features under consideration include a pre-mounted 3.5" touchscreen color display, and a Faraday bag to protect the unit from catastrophic EMP events.

What factors affect the price?

Your feedback, for one (see next question). Component availability is another; Raspberry pi units are in extremely tight supply right now but we do have a source that will allow us to get them in very small numbers. Finally, including all the “under consideration” features above would mean a higher price.

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